April 5, 2008

Comeing soon on fire peny 88’s penguins behaving badly!

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Soon there is going to be a libary on PBB here is a few pics of some testers.


Ha Ha Ha Ha I love Dr Nev’s jokes!

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I wish I was a penguin!

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The libary is cooler than me dude!

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That is the best joke ever!

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I was checking me email one another day rocking along with the cool ones the best one ever said i was a tester me shoes are leather YEAH YEAH YEAH!

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I wish the libary was here now not just the test!

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Im a tester for fire peny 88s libary!Oh you are not a phone your a ball.

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     Parting Of The Sea  Cat  Igloo Penguin  Penguin  Polar Bear  Penguin Cuddle  Penguin Wave  Mountain  Snow Flake  Flower Basket  Cactus  Moose  Walking Garbage Can  Cannonball  Angelic  Basketball 8  NCAA Tournament  Hockey 1  Hockey 3  Hockey 4  Hockey 6  Baseball 1  Baseball 7  Football 2  Brazil  England  USA  Corner Kick  Soccer 2  Tee Off 2  Golfer  Golfer  Tennis Volley  Doubles  Tennis  Bench Press  Fencing  Boxing  Bowling  Racquetball  Wrestler  Badminton  Parallel Bars  Torch  Discus  Javelin  Track  NASCAR  Checkered Flag  Winners Circle  Dragster  Surfer 1  Surfer 2  Diving  Water Polo  Swimming  Surfer  Water Skier  Diving  3D Skier  3D Snowboarders  Skiing 1  Bobsled  Speed Skating  Snowboarding  Snow Mobile  Snow Day  Snow Angel  Snow Blower  Warm By The Fire  Freezing  Windy  Bussiness Teddy  Off To Work  Vacation 2  Insane  Vacuuming  Babysitting  Washing Dishes  Cleaning The Toilet  Teddy Grad  School's Out  No School  Sleeping In Class  Nerd 2  No School 2  No School 1  Big Ben  Tower Of London  Changing The Guard  White Cliffs Of Dover  Tower Bridge  Matador  Salto Del Angel  Taj Mahal  Terracotta Warriors  Tiananmen Square  Epidaurus  Parthenon  Zeus  Greece  Dancing Zorbas  Sydney Opera House  Reef  Crocodile  Australian Flag  CN Tower  Skydome  Perce Rock  Canadian Flag  Moose  Go Canadiens Go  Spring Break          


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I wish I had a website as good as fire peny 88’s!

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I want the libary out now!

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I love the libary!

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Its my party its a fire peny 88’s penguins behaving badly party!

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Its my party its a fire peny 88’s penguins behaving badly party!

Custom Smiley famous people and people are testers.



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